Ever taken an innocent walk and you spot something to die for but you can’t have it because maybe you have one but in a different color or your closet is just full?

So here I am walking towards my house on a loose Thursday evening after work… lookie lookie what do we have here? Apparently Mchottie has been right next door and I had no idea :). My friends say I’m a habitual windowshopper and a starer to add onto that so I did what I do best…. stared…. And then he smiled **sigh** and then the most embarrassing thing happened.. I dropped everything I was holding I kid you not I just dropped everything! Lunchbox…. one corner…. Crisps yes crisps… other corneer to make matters worse my crisps were not even in a paper bag I had just bought them on the way (if you work in upperhill you know the ones I’m talking about)

He helped me pick everything up and he smells like heaven!

I know I’m not allowed to buy this item or just put it in my collection but a girl can look… Meanwhile I believe its time I visited the next flat.. call it research! :))


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