My worth!

Four years ago I would not have been able to do what I did….. what did I do?? well I took control of a bad situation (read relationship) and gave my opinion… this might not seem like a big thing but it is because I expressed my views and made things right at least by me….

What changed between these four years… a relationship gone really bad. Now that I look at it I believe it was a blessing in disguise because now I can assert myself and ensure I am nobody’s doormat, I can stand up for myself and be my own person and not allow anyone to change me or try to make me who they think I should be.

Many times when we get into a relationship we allow the other person to dictate who we should be.. it starts slowly.. with them telling us how to dress, who to be friends with and before you know it we have changed so much that we or those close to us no longer recognize who we have become. The sad part is that friends try and intervene but we do not listen because we are made to believe that they are jealous or that they want to take HIM away from us and we believe this load of bull…..

My situation was abit different but it was still not an ideal “relationship” alot of things were slowly going wrong and I decided to take the bull by the horns ( sweet πŸ™‚ ) and what good did this do me… I got what I wanted! I was able to speak my mind and to give the guy credit he did listen and admit he was on the wrong he apologised half heartedly it was not what I expected but I will take what I get…. In the meantime I will milk this for all its worth and take full advantage that he’s feeling remorseful



  1. When you say “milk this for all its worth and take advantage…” what does that mean, and whats the intention?

    • That I believe was between me and said person….. But it worked and am happy as is he.. πŸ™‚

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