Fashion polis 2

I did not think I would have to do this again but here goes………

Today my issue is heels!

Lets start with toothbrush heels.. you know those heels that are so frayed their ends look like a toothbrush!Regular maintenance of heels is essential! when that kathingy at the bottom goes off remove the other one ASAP and get those shoes to a cobbler in an ambulance cos they need to be fixed, also remember to stress to you cobbler how important it is for the new ones to be glued to the shoes and not nailed as the nails go kling kling when you walk (onomatopoeia right thurr)

Then there is the breed of chicks who will try and walk in sky high heels that they cannot balance on.. case in point as I was walking in town minding my business I spotted a young Miss.Thang looking all hot in a lovely Red dress with a black belt and sky high heels. Honest to God she looked so good… but she could not balance in those shoes she was walking like she would topple over any minute.

Here is what we would call heel 101….. high heels are sexy as hell but only if they are comfortable to the wearer! shoes with a small fit not only pinch your feet but overall they are bad for your health! you do not need a ridiculous heel to look good… Wedges are comfortable and sexy as well and because they have a wide base, they evenly distribute your weight making it easier to walk in then and they are good for you. Especially for the widely proportioned sisters wedges are a God-send for you..

Peep toes! they are called peep toes not peep feet example:

That my dear girls is not a peep toe, if we can see your whole foot and the shoe is not transparent then you know you are doing something wrong….

Writing a fashion polis always bring a lot of pain as I do not understand why we do that to ourselves…. so till next time  stay fly! mwah!



  1. Those toes look familiar, but I feel you…

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