Magic slim and all!

So this morning as I was putting on my trousers something amazing happened… I could not zip up! reason apparently I have gained weight… WTF what weight I have been so disciplined eating right and taking long walks and even taking two liters of water a day…. so what went wrong? I sit down depressed going over the events of the past three months in my mind and then I remember an article I read “Apparently being in Love can  make you Fat!”

Oh now I remember lingering over late breakfasts head in the sky, Long dinners fantasizing and then straight to bed even all my physical activities were not enough to get rid of all the calories I was taking in… Again Shite! shite! shite! Strategy… No solid foods till Mid May, living on juice and fruits and Vitamin supplements till my trousers fit again… I am going on vacation in June maybe camp maybe to the beach whatever it is I am going to wear my little bikinis which I have spent a small fortune on and not only will I wear them I am gonna rock them.

At this point I cannot help but agree with Toni Braxton… I Hate Love!


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