What would you do?

A friend recently (yesterday) told me about Marital problems she’s been having… Needless to say her husband is a douche!

So my friend lets call her Moon.. after careful investigation finds out her man is cheating on her and she decides to do something that I’m not sure many of us would have thought of.. she contacts said lady B(lets just call her skank) and spins a long story and they decide to meet skank is under the impression that she is heading to meet the gentleman in question… How Skank arrived at this decision is a long story! Anyway Moon who has been using her husband’s phone to contact Skank all this time realizes that if she leaves to go meet skank her husband might look at his phone records and realize what she has been upto and alert skank…. so she being a smart girl decides to wake her husband to join her on her little road trip **cruel laughter**

So off they go heading to the rendezvous point… At this point the man starts to panic and asks Moon if all is well and she looks at him calmly and asks him what could possibly be the problem! So he relaxes and realizes that he still has a few days left to cheat, finally they get to the spot and immediately she spots Skank it was as if she had known her all her life.. at this point she could have picked her out of a line up…. (Ladies have this sixth sense that is more often than not never wrong)

So she saw her rival and calls her and after reassuring her that she is indeed the contact person sent over by his Majesty the Douche Skank relaxes and gets into the car and off they go…. At this point it would be best to imagine the look on his face when he saw Skank enter the car then she turned behind and she goes “Hi baby” Moon at this point took off like a mad woman no destination in mind…

She finally got to a roundabout and what ensued is the stuff movies are made of…

Now this brings me to ask several questions…

What is it men really want?

When will a man ever be satisfied with all you do for him?

What exactly is a perfect woman to a man and what does she do to achieve this status?

And the most superficial of all this questions is why do men always cheat with a woman not as pretty as their partner?

So Moon beat the crap out of Skank…. Now I ask was she right or wrong to beat her because after all she was in a relationship with Douche? Many are the times I have heard ladies say they would not degrade themselves and get into a fight with the other woman….. My two pence? I would beat the living daylights out of her; why? Well because that is my man not that he is blameless but she would serve as an example to other women…

As a friend told me recent statistics show that the ratio of men to women in Kenya is 1:8 so apparently men now have it in their heads that women should share? Hell to the no! Who said Kenya is the only country with Men… me thinks if you don’t have much luck with Kenya expand your horizons but keep your filthy little snatches off my man or I will take you down with my daddy’s shot-gun!



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