To the gods of Magic slim!

I am still gaining weight I am proud to admit… not! I became lazy any form of physical activity makes me feel like throwing up… I got used to the idea that I could lose weight if and when I wanted thanks to some little Magical pills called Magic slim so after realizing I have gained a considerable amount of weight I decided to call my guy to hook me up with some Magic! Horror of horrors the words I never expected to hear “out of stock”!!  WTF!! SHITE!! SHITE!!

Does this mean I have to start exercising? Never ever I will try out every slimming pill in the market till I get one that works…

Meanwhile I would hereby like to lodge my application as a tester for slimming products.. I consider myself a good candidate because I am fat to begin with, I am a keen taker of pills disciplined in the provided regimen and I am free. 🙂 What’s better?

A word of advice to young and naive Kenyan girls slimming pills are not good for you but the gym surely is… so next time you notice a slight bulge hit the gym not the pill…

And now a prayer;

Oh! China, please increase output of Magic slim as I am in serious need.. summer draws closer and I still have excess flesh, forgive me if I ever threw away an unfinished bottle I promise not to waste what you have given to me and to share the advice with all the Fat people I know.




  1. You want to loose weight? How now?
    From the little I’ve seen of you (when you aren’t holding a door) you looked pretty good!

    • This was a long time ago since then Magic slim are back in the market…..

  2. WHERE are these magic slim pills found?? help a girl out 🙂

    • I could give you the suppliers contacts

  3. please 🙂

  4. you can email me on this email I am using to comment..thaanks!

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