Karma Karma Karma

So what is it about Karma that makes her a nasty  B****?? Those who want something never get it but those who don’t deserve it constantly get it thrown in their face for them to reject it!

How many times have we heard of the student scoring the highest grades in a National exam not having the resources to go on with his or her education and yet a  tycoon who can pay for a whole village to go to school has a kid who escorts the rest to school. A young lady meets so many suitable suitors but she shuns them all and treats them like garbage whereas elsewhere there is one who would give anything to meet just one guy who is not so perfect but who would be willing to spend the rest of his life with her. so what is it that makes life so unfair?? Is the theory that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths really true?

I have always been a believer of good things happen only once and you should never look a gift horse in the mouth so why some people feel it is their right to do so well that’s just beyond me…. I’m in a ranting mood….

Also high on my list of not gets is lieing… sure everyone tells a little lie and they call it a white lie but its still a lie! I don’t like being lied to I guess nobody does but I think I take it more personally than some people do why I don’t know.

Nobody is perfect but we should all probably remember the saying do unto others….

So I’m in a sort of mood where I’m easy to piss and there’s very little anyone can do right in my eyes and I thank God for what is going right in my life from having very good friends whom I have mad Love for and they all rock and the most awesomest mother.

Temptations roll in from left right and center and here I am praying for focus…. I wish I could just fly away….

I just want to leave so much behind……..


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  1. I also hate being lied to especially to my face and when I find out, the other person brushes it off!! It enrages me, especially if its someone you penda.

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