Just who is Wanja Majid??

I am Wanja Majid daughter of  one J.J Maremma and Sophia Wangeci… That’s where it all started!

I’m 24 years old yep I admitted my age in public… So who am I? That’s a question that even I cannot answer in all honesty but I believe I’m meant to spend all my life researching just who I am but I do know a few things… so here goes;

I hate Bullshit! Like really and truly I do let’s see lies and people generally doing everything with an ulterior motive these I cannot stand! Two faced people fall in this category but I guess this is not a unique quality we all do!

Second I have a thing for Bad boys from my first Love about 10 years ago they’ve all been bad boys the one time I tried with all my might to date a good boy (or so I thought) makes me the youngest  divorcee I know. Therein lies a story! Now this marriage or sham of a marriage whatever one wants to call it has made me the most skeptical little girl I know and trust to me does not come very easily!! So how did I manage to get duped.. all right so maybe I wasn’t duped but I was never in love and I just liked the thought of being married and it’s not all it was cracked up to be I blame a few of my friends but that’s a story for another day…. So I ran… yes I ran after being married for what two months yep! two months! That’s gotta be a new record!

In my short life I’ve had like 8  proposals and of all those I think only 2 have been genuine! What is it about girls and weddings? I hate it when a man tells me he wants to marry me after two seconds of speaking I know am brilliant but even I am not THAT! brilliant. So many girls fall for this trap and end up getting heart-broken.

So next is usually wow you’re only 24 how come you’re so mature? Pardon but aren’t 24 year olds adults at this age you’ve had 6 years of learning how it’s done and unless you’re very slow you should have gotten the hang of it!

About how close I am with my mum that’s it! I Love her and I know she loves me as well and would do anything for me I mean she has already done so much.

My favorite color is yellow my friends tell me it’s red because I have so many red items in my closet as we speak I’m in so much red I look like I’m bleeding I Love yellow and I Love red so I guess that settles it.

I’m a Science freak yeah I said Sciences rock and to prove just how much I’m planning on going back to school and doing a really degree that has so much Science I’ll never want to see the word Science again.

Something not very many people will believe is that am very shy and I was mercilessly teased about this when I was in Primary school so I found the sure way to beat it and it’s arrogance and pride this is what most people will see when they first meet me and when they get to know me you will heat things like wow you’re different from what I saw ama some silly comment like that.

I Love my friends and that is why when someone I thought was a friend betrays me I get so hurt, and given the number of times this has happened I should probably have learnt by now but I have faith in humanity so I give it another go….

618 words so far and I feel like I’ve exhausted everything there is to say about me I cannot be that shallow!

Anyway I guess that’s me in 647 words, I Love to smile ans to laugh I have a weakness for chocolate and I Love reading I’m a geek and I Love it!

Adios… Mwaah!



  1. Honest. Straight to the point. Brilliant.

    We are all unique in our own senses. Only God knows who we truly really are.

  2. On point…Thts the Wanja i knw

  3. a shocker for me. how could one so young have gone through so much..well told though

  4. Oh Dan!! This is just what I could put down… But am not alone

  5. Niiiiice. You know I’m the baddest bad boy! I invented bad!

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