I will cross the oceans for you…..

I remember my first love… warrrrr I would have done anything for that person and for most people it’s like that am sure.

I was observing a couple who’ve been together for long and there was something missing.. It’s not Love because you could see they’ve been in love for ever and complement each other, maybe what I was looking at was kuzoeana… yep that’s it. After couples have been together for long there is something that changes relationships lose a certain aspect of freshness and people start being *themselves* (for lack of a better word).

When two people first meet there is fireworks and people are usually on their best behavior so what happens and where does this disappear to? I had an epiphany but it’s gonna disappear if I don’t do this in a hurry.

So just when does the magic go away and people start farting in front of each other and belching and burping? yikes!! Hio ndio kuzoeana at this stage the spark goes away. Love songs you could identify with and sing the words and mean each and every one start to lose meaning.

A relationship like everything in life worth having takes work, you have to nurture it for it to be successful. It should never be taken for granted neither should we assume that the other person will always be there. Women go wrong in getting comfortable, you stop trying to make an effort, you forget how the inside of a lingerie shop looks like; majority of women in these group buy bras and panties in Supermarkets (if you ever wondered why they sell them!) for them undergarments are grouped together with unga ya ngano, rice e.t.c (the horror!) You put on a weave and it stays for three months till it’s only hanging on it’s last thread, when you’re not leaving the house you spend the whole day in old shapeless T-shirts, socks, and a bandanna around your head. When you’re going out it’s not better you dress like you’re 45 and you’re only 30!! When a caring friend asks they calmly look you in the eye and tell you those things are for young girls who are still searching! (side bar: those same young girls are the ones your husband takes out on Friday!) It really does not take hard work to look good, you don’t always have to be dressed in designer clothes worth thousands, comb your hair, wear a nice T-shirt and some jeans and apply some lip-balm and you’re beauty personified in the house plain and simple.

The men are not blameless either, those little impromptu get aways , Gifts when there is no occasion small gestures of love they all disappear. you also let yourself yourself go, the daily trips to the gym become twice a week and before you know it the only exercise the man is getting is lifting his glass to his mouth and putting it down. He used to call you sweetie, babie, babes now you’re mama nanii !

I hereby do take a solemn vow to never let my relationship deteriorate to that level because why lie siwesmake!


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