What would you do??

Men cheat but smart men don’t get caught, the women they cheat with could write best-selling books based on their experiences.

Mr.Owino is a very prominent lawyer in the Firm and he  is doing very well for himself, he is married with a few children and lives in a lovely house in a Nairobi suburb.

One day in the course of business Mr.Owino meets a lovely young lass by the  name Njeri (It had to be) and he likes what he sees… Njeri is not built like your typical Kikuyu woman; no flab, lovely hourglass figure, long silky hair (her own!!) and tall Mr.Owino did not stand a chance.

He invited her for coffee, then lunch, then dinner then an overnight trip and before long they were an item. At this point Mr.Owino decided to lay down the law, he informed Njeri that though he was married and he loved his wife dearly he was in love with her and would stay with her and take care for her as long as she was his exclusively, Njeri not being a fool took up this offer pap!

And so they lived happily for a period of three years.. in these three years a lot happened like Njeri lost her job but she was not worried because Owino took care of her and ensured she lacked for nothing. All was good until one day he decided to break up with her via a note! she tried calling him no answer she tried texts no response and that was when she became desperate.

She could not understand how she had devoted her life to one man and there he was breaking up with her when she had no job and no way to pay her rent. Njeri went to bed depressed but of one thing she was sure the next night when she put her head down she would have her rent money in her pocket come hell or high water!

Next day Njeri wakes up looks for her best suit and dresses, if you walked by her on the street you’d think she was just a normal woman heading for work but no this was a woman on a mission she was going to collect her rent! She took a matatu and dropped off at a stage in a Nairobi suburb walked purposefully to her target and rang the door bell.

The door was opened by a very well maintained madam who you could tell was fresh out of bed. She looked at Njeri who was calm as she said “morning my name is Njeri from the Firm and I’m here to bring Mr.Owino some documents he must sign before he goes to court later on in the morning. Madam of the house was impressed with her professionalism and how important hubby was… she welcomed Njeri into the house and invited her in as she went to fetch Owino who was still in bed (successful lawyers wake up very late) Njeri took a seat and admired her surroundings Owino had been holding out clearly.

When the Mrs. told Owino someone from the office was waiting for him he was puzzled but never in a million years could he have expected to find Njeri seated waiting for him. The look on his face was priceless! He excused himself to go and dress as he could not sign official documents in his dressing gown, his wife good hostess that she was brought some tea and mandazis for their visitor and she went to the bathroom to prepare herself for work.

immediately he heard the water run Owino rushed out of his bedroom and whispered “what the hell are you doing here?”

Njeri calm as ever told him “I’m here to collect my rent”

Owino started sweating and tried to convince Njeri to leave without the money… he tried it all I’ll Mpesa you, I’ll bring it later but Njeri was not standing down she was there to collect her rent and  no way in hell was she leaving empty-handed. Owino seeing no other way out went to his  room and counted out the money as she was leaving Njeri’s parting words were “should this money be short of even a thousand shillings I will be back here with more “documents” for you to sign”

Njeri left there a happy woman and three weeks later Owino decided to give things a fresh start and got back together with Njeri; they are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy named Collins Onyango who is the image of Owino.

Men do not like drama, men are not always known for smart decisions however with a smart woman by his side a man can rule the world.



  1. Me think ur right…Hehehe true my dia men do not like drama.

  2. hehehe I like Njeri 🙂 I need her to sort out any of my future dilemmas

  3. I know quite a few people who can give you ideas so keep my number handy!!

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