Secrets Galore

Ever find yourself in a position where you know something that would change someone’s life and they don’t.. and you know that telling them will probably mean you lose them as a friend and not telling them has the same consequences? Deep breaths.. I’m rumbling..

My friend Amanda’s BFF is a boy named Francis… He recently hooked up with the devil incarnate Eva ( I swear she inspired the movie!) Anyway Eva is your typical shallow, pretentious, weave wearing, bird brained, Twanging, fake nail wearing (you get the point) obviously am biased but with good reason.

So Eva and Francis have been dating for about 2 and a half years and she has a secret that could start the Cold war over again I’m exaggerating… Here’s how it started Amanda who we call Aman and a few pals went to Sohos on a loose Saturday.. They partied and had a ball.. Aman unlike the rest of us doesn’t pee after every second when drinking… so when she went for her first trip to the ladies it was about 12.30am…

She walks into the ladies and kama kawaida there’s a queue from there to Timbuktu and the management has decided that only one toilet is going to be used cos the other one has a fat padlock on the door how now?? So anyway she joins the queue and starts a little dance to keep her bladder in check! Then something catches her eye, movement now The Ladies in Sohos are not exactly king size so people must have noticed what was going on and just avoided staring.. there were two sisters in a deadly lip lock and one of them looked strangely familiar, the weave, the nails, the heels, then it hit her EVA!! she actually said that out loud. Eva turned and yep she was in a lip lock with a female and this was not just a casual “hey- how- are- you- doing- nice- to- see- you- lip- lock” this was one lip lock that was heading places and heading there fast!

Frantic straightening of hair, checking make up and straightening dress or piece of cloth (it was non-existent) “Hey Amanda” Eva started but Aman stopped her mid sentence and asked  her in very colorful language what was going on… Eva could only come up with “please don’t tell Francis”

Aman took off like the devil was after her all thought of peeing gone from her head.. She comes to the table Eva hot on her heels and Aman informs her that the first thing she is going to do is tell Francis and he can choose what to do with the information. Eva tried it all tears, threats, but nothing worked!

So she asks the girls what to do and the unanimous answer tell Francis (we all hated the girl anyway).

So next day bright and early Aman calls Francis and tells him she has something to tell him, they agree to meet for lunch. At lunch Aman has the shock of her life! From the moment they sit down all Francis does is gush about how lovely Eva is, how beautiful she is, how smart (yeah right!) how he couldn’t imagine a day without her… Then he drops the bomb!

“Eva told me she ran into you at sohos yesterday and you wouldn’t even say hi. She says you even stormed out of the bathroom to avoid talking to her”

Aman was flabbergasted (I’ve never used that word.. it feels good) anyway my girl could not utter a word she was in shock and was thinking *conniving little… well let’s say there was nothing good in her brain at the time. so she starts to explain and Francis cuts her short…

“Aman you’ll always be my best friend but if you can’t get along with Eva then am sorry I can’t be a part of your life!” “I mean she’s really trying to be nice to you, she came home on the brink of tears…”

Cut a long story short Aman and Francis are still friends but she has a secret which she knows would destroy their friendship if she tells and the consequences are the same for not telling so she decided ignorance is bliss why spoil for him!

She did tell a few of her close friends who are good at keeping secrets me included and that’s why I changed their names 🙂 aren’t I an angel??



  1. 😀 hehehehe send ‘Francis’ a link to this .. anonymously of course … he should read this then that way he’l know the truth without scarring their BFFship wit ‘Aman’
    Guy doesnt deserve Eva!

  2. Francis is hopeless sweetie he is smitten with “Eva”. However, we’ve gone back to the drawing board on how to Bust her… watch this space

  3. hhmmmm aight … he needs deliverance from Eva! choreni upesi 😀

  4. I am addicted to this blog. Can’t stop reading it even when I have serious deadlines at work. If I’m fired, you can hire me as part of your brain trust. Love this one. Can’t wait for the fall of Eva!!

    • Gosh thanks hun…. I hope we’re not both fired the writer and reader… lol

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