Brains over Beauty….

I know a girl who talks like a baby and acts like a baby to get what she wants. Initially this was just with her boyfriend but with time this behavior spread to other people including the girls (who could care less)… I believe real power is when you’re yourself and still manage to get what you want from your man… No tantrums, no fake tears; nothing. Just ask for it and get it…and when he says NO! you take it like a grown up!

Still on being yourself, men appreciate smart women. You don’t have to dummify (is there such a word?) yourself for your man and if he insists you do then you’re not going places… Of course I have a story!!

Miriam and Bob (true story, fake names) dated for three years and have since been married for two years. They have also been blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is now 1-year-old… Watching them you’d think they are the perfect couple but their relationship has had its share of ups and downs…

When Miriam discovered she was pregnant the only person who was more excited than her was Bob. He took very good care of her and treated her like she would crumble into pieces. Miriam was on cloud nine. She could not believe she was so lucky to have a man like him.

However(why is there always a but?), the closer she got to her delivery date the more Bob changed. When she finally gave birth to Tiffany, Bob by then was just a husband by name and certificate. In short he was absent! When Tiffany was one month old Bob developed a certain habit where every Friday he would come home, shower, dress up and go out! Of all his  peculiar (new) habits the one that piqued Miriam’s attention was the second shower.  If there was one thing Miriam knew it was her man I mean most Sundays Bob never even showered and here he was showering twice a day. Something was up and she would have to put a stop to it.

One thing men don’t realize is women can be very patient when they want to be.. Miriam watched Friday after Friday as Bob came home and dressed for his rendezvous. One day she asked..

” babes where is this you go every Friday?” He answered to “hang with the boys?” “ooh! you shower to hang with your boys?” “Have fun Love you!” he left.

This went on for quite a while and Miriam  even noted that Bob was now the proud owner of several striped casual shirts, (the kind many girls, myself included, buy our men) she was proud to admit her man looked good! Anyway Bob on noting his wife never asked questions extended his nights out to a weekend once in a while. It hurt but she took it all in and Bob never even noticed how hard she was working on getting her sexy back but soon he would notice.

Nine months down the line Miriam was a kahottie and Bob had no idea! One Friday she goes home early now this was a prepared girl… Had a new dress, new hairdo and she also took an evening shower then she sat down comfortably on the couch and waited for her main squeeze! He walked in and headed straight for the stairs and then did a double take.. It was  his turn to ask..

“Babes where are you going?” she answered “Nowhere, why?” She flips her magazine (you gotta Love this girl) “but you bought new clothes?” “Yeah I decided to spoil myself cos I haven’t since we got Tiffy” (She already had a nickname.) “Ooh! Kewl”, he stupidly said

He ran up the stairs humming and Miriam grabbed his keys and went on reading her magazine. He came down the stairs looking good and smelling even better and she had to admit her husband was one handsome devil… Below is the conversation:

Where are my keys?

I have them


I thought today I’d use the car. Is that okay?

Use the car? Where are you going?

To hang with my girls..

Wait, what?

And before he could compose a sensible question Miriam was out the door…. Now Bob was one man who was in shock!! He could not explain what had just happened.. Miriam on the other hand was well on her way but first things first she had to make plans.. she called a few girls and of course we were all available!

This girl had not touched a drop of alcohol in 19 months so after three Tusker malts she was out of the drinking game but she could dance.. now when a girl has been under house arrest for as many months as Miriam had when you set her free she turns wild!! She was on her feet till 1am when we had to remind her she had to go home. She staggered to her car  and drove home. Luckily we were at MSD (minimum staggering distance) to her house so we knew she would be safe

So she gets home and hoots the same way he does and waited for the gate to be opened… When finally the watchman had opened the gate she walked out of the car and went in search of her husband. Shock! He was standing at the window wearing the same striped shirt, jeans.. in short he had not changed. She politely informed him she was too plastered to bring in the car and went to the bedroom.

By the time Bob went to bring in the car and park and change.. his wife was out like a light.

In the morning, err, afternoon when she woke up she found Bob staring down at her… He was just about to ask her a question when she lifted  her hand and told him, “Not today sweetie my head is killing me I don’t know how you manage it!”

She went to the shower took a cold one and dressed up.. she instructed the housegirl to get Tiffy ready they go out but Bob was up in arms.. we have to talk you’re not going anywhere… so after she was done she had a seat with her husband and for the first time in 9 months they talked!

Bob: What happened yesterday?

Miriam: Ever since Tiffy( that’s a horrible nickname.. I’ll have a word with her) came into the picture you don’t pay me any attention you go out with your friends. I thought for the first time you’d look after your daughter and I go out.

Bob: but you never told me you wanted to go out..

Miriam: I’m human I want adult company once in a while…

Bob: so what now?

Miriam: It’s okay I’m sorted every Friday I’ll go out with my girls we’ll just work out the car routine and alternate

Bob: Ahem.. Babes.. Hell No! we’ll be going out together no more friends maneno..

Miriam: Okay if you say so.. but  si you’ll still be going out satos I need some me time…

Bob: **widest grin** of course swits anything for you…


Miriam noted a problem in her marriage and instead of throwing tantrums and being all possessive she used her brains and look where it got her.. Happy and with her marriage intact! Beauty maybe be good but smarts still rule!



  1. 🙂 #1 fan is thoroughly entertained …. great piece yet again.

  2. Oh thanks sweetie…. I’m glad you liked it

  3. Nice piece! Wish i had stumbled on in earlier

  4. cool! really nice!!! and entertaining.

  5. Now theres a smart woman..

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