Men and the word NO!!

This is a very short post!!

I’ve always wondered why is it men cannot take a No for what it is?? I mean one little word with just two letters is the hardest thing for them to understand why is that? This is especially inline with propositioning a girl.

Any time you ask a girl out there are only two ways that could turn out:

1. She’ll say yes

2. She’ll say no

To always expect a yes is being unrealistic or just plain stuck up; so once in a while fellows a girl will tell you NO but that does not mean you take it personally.

There is this breed of men who assume that every girl who says no is playing hard to get (This must be the rapists mentality) but it’s not so…. Granted there are those girls from upcountry who say No while drawing things on the ground and say it with a funny whiny voice and a giggle “noooo” Okay those ones you can’t take seriously. I mean even I wouldn’t but here I am strong and assertive (at least I think so) and I say no in a firm voice looking you in the eye and you still think am playing hard to get? Please! And all those girls could save us a lot of grief and just say what they mean because they’re really giving the rest of the gender a hard time turning guys down successfully.

Then there is the breed that takes it personally I mean waaay personally…. They’ll call you a lesbian that is always the first attack “Bro have you ever seen that girl with a man?” yeah yeah all girls have a little Lesbian in them but not all are willing to let her come out and play; that is why women have these bonds that are so hard to break. These men also need to grow a pair and take it like a man.

There are those who go on a spree and tarnish said lass’ name (I’ve been watching pirates of the Caribbean) so he goes and tells his friends he decided not to ask the girl out after all because 1.she’s a little free with her biscuits 2. she was too demanding 3.she was just plain nuts!

However, there are those exceptional gentlemen who handle rejection (err…) very well I mean they take it in their stride and move on which is pretty much the healthy thing to do. I have met such a gentleman I turned him down and he was the best ever, he took it well and still remained a friend and what’s more he still gave me the grades I deserved (LONG STORY)

Rejection is hard to take in but that does not give anyone reason to treat the person saying NO like they started a world war besides there must be wars that started because a girl could not say NO.

**Good men are hard to find but they do exist**



  1. **Good men are hard to find but they do exist** most are taken though
    the exceptional gentlemen are endangered 😦

  2. I totally feel you my dear….

  3. I so so agree…

  4. how do u define a good man? i want to believe tht good is relative to different people. but generally how would you define a good man?

  5. Kioko a perfect man is a man who Loves me for my good and bad! Patient kind and makes me laugh! I don’t ask for much.

  6. Wanja, i think perfect is far fetched but i think the best couple is where they appreciate each others differences and know tht they compliment each other and be there for each other and the most important thing, respect each other..

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