I Love you… the three greatest words in the English language and probably the most misused words! There was a time when the words brought about goosebumps and shivers down one’s spine:

I love you, please say
You love me too, these three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together
Till the end of time

The above lyrics perfectly describe what true Love must have felt like.. There was a time when a man really thought before opening his heart and telling a woman I Love you, he used to spend days consulting with friends if he should unleash the “L” word and am talking about “Love” not the many variations that exist for “L”. The girls part was  to wait patiently and when the man said it she would gush “Oh! I thought you would never say it”. The declaration was more often than not followed by a proposal and happily ever after.

Back to today the words I Love you must be the fastest “APR” in existence that and talk of marriage… Men believe that when a girl believe he Loves her she will unleash whatever faster than when she believes he is just in it for fun that is probably why more and more women are turning to women… They are jaded and hurt.

The three main types of Love Eros, Philos and Agape are important in any relationship especially Romantic… My specialty :)… Eros is always the first when you see someone you get a burst of Erotic Love, this does not develop with time; if it’s not there from the beginning then there’s no hope (my thoughts!) Then we have Philos which is a Love where both parties benefit so this is also good and then there is Agape which is commonly known as the Love God has for man but it really means unconditional Love. All this types of Love contribute to make Loving someone special and that’s why a man/woman in love will kill for the person they Love.

So what happened to change all this?? Love is beautiful in its purest form, imagine the Love a child has for a person.. it’s not corrupted, it wants nothing in return and is totally trusting. How can one let down a person who has all that faith in you? They lay their heart in your hands to do with as you please.. *Bliss*

Qualities of Love:

I would Love to go back to when Love counted for something and it was like a treasure; guarded…..Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!! Love does not conquer but it sure gets pretty close!! Let’s Love truly!!



  1. I contemplate a lot before saying the ‘L’ word … have said it to only one boyfriend all my life .. the only meaningful r/ship I’ve had till this one … this one will wait longer 😀

  2. Wise, I know people throw the “L” word around too casually I say it to friends and family but you can bet when it leaves my mouth I mean it….

  3. Lovely post babe,

    1st Corinthians 13 is always the verse I always get back to when discussing Love. I think you can love someone when all those qualities are in existence. So it doesn’t really matter how long one takes someone to say those 3 Letter words. It could be a week or it could be a year, or maybe never. So if you feel it, just say it, provided you also show it.

  4. (gosh kawi! stop stealin my thots! i was gonna begin my comment ivo tu!!!)

    What a LOVEly post!

    As in, Kawi says exactly what I’d have said so…

    … but enyewe even I tread care fully within the ‘L’ lands… as people say, its the strongest feeling/emotion ever. My advice, give it freely. NoH8, No conditions.

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