I’m grown…

It hit me today am no longer a child.. yeah I’m all grown and there are some things I’ve had to leave behind some peculiar habits I had when I was a Teenager not that I mind!

The first and most simple is I always tell my real name this might sound like a very easy thing but I still have friends who when approached by someone
(read man) in a club will give a name like Camilla, Estelle, Shakira what these naive girls forget is that 24 years ago the only names your parents would have given you were Mercy, Angela, Purity and Gladys and other nice wholesome names so immediately you open your mouth and say “hi am Beyonce chances are you’re a big fat liar and the other party knows it!” The reason I give my real name is because I cannot be bothered to think up fake names and I know better; when drunk, a friend will shout my real name and I’ll be busted! Its my choice to give you my name or not so if I decide to do it I’ll give you my real one.

Another thing I also don’t do is fake numbers.. If I don’t want to give you my number I say NO and if I give it to you and you instantly become a pest then my phone has a very snazzy feature called a reject list and you will be on it… Coming up with fake numbers you can hardly recite after a few minutes is bull.

Another thing I no longer do is sit around waiting for a boy I like to call me or text me oh how I suffered this song comes to mind…..

“Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying
Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying
Planning, and dreaming, each night, of his charms.
Planning, and dreaming, each night, of his charms.
That wont get you into his arms
That wont get you into his arms”

… If I want him to say hi I’ll do it first, If I miss him I’ll say it first, If I want to go out for dinner I’ll ask him. I spent too much time looking at my phone willing it to ring and hoping and praying a boy would call me or text me to put myself through that  misery again. However I draw the line at initiating physical activity 🙂 …

However, now that am older and wiser I also know better than to pray endlessly to God after I’m hurt for God to make whoever broke my heart to rethink their decision and get back together with me instead should it ever happen (God forbid!) I’ll just pray to get over it and on that note no more drunk texting if it’s over it’s over, delete number and move on!

I Love the new all grown me, she’s a go getter focused and never afraid to go after what she wants she’s a Babe In Total Control of Herself…

Living life and Loving it!



  1. go B*I*T*C*H! have you read ‘why men love bitches’? I love reading and this was a present from a friend … you sound like the author

    • Sunshine I also love reading and no I haven’t read the book but I’d Love to *hint hint*.

  2. if all ladies would grow up to maturity…Sunshine u jua where i can get a copy? 🙂

    • Kioko ladies do grow to maturity but all with different attitudes…

  3. if only they made them jus lik u..
    p.s if som1 needs that book i could lend u my copy..

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