Gulliver’s Travel (Lilliput!)

Ever heard of Short man syndrome (and if you’re thinking mobile phones.. you’re way off!) Okay Napoleon complex? Okay let me plagiarise wiki just a little bit! Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature. Auntie Wanja has a story for this rainy evening sit tight!

B is a girl who towers at 5’9.. she carries her height very well and she has always had a thing for basket-ballers or just very tall men generally, so when she got hitched to Napoleon incarnate we have never been able to answer.

B and M got married and all the bridesmaids were taller than the groom… needless to say their photos were a little like a comic magazine to date I still look at them when I’m bored and a little sad.

So they were happy for sometime until B got a promotion and she started earning more than M not that she had ever earned less but he always thought so.

Before we go on let’s get into why some short men marry tall women… First its like a conquest they fell like if they can conquer her then they can do anything.

So M started acting funny a week or so after B’s promotion (talk about being transparent!) He started complaining that she was looking down on him (of course she was; how else were they to communicate? she couldn’t very well look upto him!) It was always one thing after another and soon he started drinking and coming home late. B watched him and said nothing at all.

One day he came home late, drunk and disorderly and picked a fight for a very silly reason and he raised his hand and tried to hit her. Now B towers over this man and she was sober needless to say she hit him and the black eye she gave him would leave the male chapter of Fida complaining for  years to come.

So as he was at home nursing a headache B called us to tell us what had happened.. “trouble in Gulliver’s Island” and the decision was unanimous; leave the man!

I warned her, I told her short men with an inferiority complex are a no-no especially if you’re 5’9. she never listened so I named her home Gulliver’s Island because M looked like a resident of Lilliput when they were put side by side. 🙂

B is kicking M out after all he is living in her house. Take that!



  1. The problem from where im lying *in bed sipping coffee* is not about height. Its economics. Not all short men have a complex. One of my mates is short but confident like hell (or heaven).

    In short u saying short men should stick to short women? *agape* This presents a problem coz most short women love tall guys…just like big boned women love them skinny guys. So the only shot (pun intended) short guys have is with tall chicks. Now back to my coffee.

  2. Oh No! not all short men are bad but short men with an inferiority complex are the ones to stay away from.. Those are the ones that are sure they are always being disrespected and hence that have to show who’s boss a perfect example just happens to be my grandfather…..

  3. haha the whole concept of ppl saying that short guys have issues is actually based on stereotypes,and we all know stereotypes are by and large based on over generalization and in most cases untrue…whenever reality sort of contradicts a stereotype we are quick to say..oh actually that exception proves the rule[stereotype in this case]…i personally know many short guys who have laid back personalities.not aggressive.non-violent,not thaaat assertive as such….

    • I never said all short guys I said just short guys with an inferiority complex…. *sigh*

  4. Nice and convincing , ye! daughter of Swift. U r good reader.

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