The One!

Ever found yourself in a position where you cannot be able to return love?? When someone Loves you with every fibre of their being and you just cannot Love them back?

Okay before I get ahead of myself; I’m sure we’ve all (or at least most of us) found ourselves in a sticky situation where a platonic friend whom we Love but just as a friend suddenly expresses interest in something more than friendship.

So you Love this person right and you’re sure they love you, I mean they have been there for you at all times, fought every battle with you, wiped away your tears and basically just been there for you. So why can’t you Love them back like they need to be Loved?

Maybe you’re in love with someone else, you see just because this person Loves you doesn’t mean you have to Love them back. So there they are busy thinking about you and idolising you but you just don’t Love them. And what’s more the person you may be in love with may not be as great as this person is.

Maybe you’re single and have no prospects in sight; but you still don’t Love this person-friend of yours in a romantic way. Love does not grow on trees so if from the get go you feel no sparks and no fireworks then just let it be.

There are people who are just meant to be together but the timing is never right for them to be together… maybe they’re never single at the same time or a million things just keep the emotions from being expressed.

Love should never be hidden and no one should ever be judged for falling in love and when you cannot reciprocate be gentle! The one advantage is one knows they will always have a friend who will be there for them through thick and thin.

Love has no manners I’ve often said, that’s why I would never judge mistresses, lesbians, homosexuals and all those… The heart is not so smart it never was and it never will be.




  1. Thank u hun for this one 🙂 the wisdom in it is appreciated. I dont feel as guilty.
    Yo the best!

  2. so how do u tell the other person that you don’t feel the same without hurting their feelings?

  3. totally true, n at times you tend to get into a r/ship with the friend not coz u r into them but for the sympathy purpose which is always wrong

  4. totally true, but the worst is that we get into relationship with the friends and end up hurting them as we do that for sympathy

  5. I completely agree with “Love has no manners” though for me I say love knows no bounds. And so I often agree with people who claim “Love is blind” I can see how.

    p.s. lesbians are homosexual too

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