Who doesn’t like control? I Love it but I will gladly relinquish it in some instances.

I understand my neighbor has her husband tied around her little finger, he buys a new matatu it’s in her name, the house they live in is in her name, his payslip is in her name (just kidding) and what’s more she’s a housewife. She owes her success to Abdalla or Hassan (or someone like that) a famous witch doctor in Tanzania, he gave her a potion that bound her man and all he has to her. He goes nowhere without her and has no friends and when she says jump he asks how high! How people know all this is still a mystery but lets assume its true that would mean Mr.Wachira is whipped!


This is what Mrs.Wachira must wear to bed!!








Now why a woman would go to all that trouble is beyond me. A man should have balls that’s how it was meant to be, he should be like the lion in his house when he coughs people run to answer (again I’m kidding).

A whipped man leads a very miserable life, he’s got no freedom, he’s an embarrassment to his family both nuclear and extended, an embarrassment to the whole male species and a total waste of billions of years of evolution! Yeah yeah so that’s a bit harsh but there are more ways to please a woman than to be become her punching bag. Chocolates, flowers, clothes and bling are just a few things that can make a girl smile.

Some women will do anything to control their men, I like it when my man is in control of course he also has to learn to relinquish it sometimes.  It feels good to know if anything will go wrong you have a man and he will take care of things does this make me weak? I really don’t care! Ladies tend to feel safer around a man who is in control, what if Bwana Wachira’s home was to be attacked by thieves…. And control does not also mean that he is the ultimate de-facto ruler, a dictator whose word is law and his authority cannot be questioned!

A marriage is a union of two partners there is the head and the neck. But you cannot have two leaders no-matter what our current government looks like! So I intend to relinquish some control to the head and hope that its aware the neck supports it or else it will fall!





  1. this is a nice post. just have in mind though, that there are men who like to have their women being in control in a similar way; and the percentage of those men in society is on the ascend

  2. Im sure Wachira doesnt perform in the bedroom, how can he? Thats the price the Mrs has to pay.

  3. the moment a woman attempts to take control from the man ,thats the point where most families or relationships hit the rocks,my appeal to women is,please let men be in control things will run smoothly.if there is something a man hates losing is control especially over his woman.

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