So I’ve thought and thought of how to put this into words then I decided to just get on with it and it’ll build itself up!…

Men hate clingy women and women hate clingy men. I should just stop there but I’ll go on because nobody understands or wants to believe anything simple.

Clingy means to stick onto something or in this case someone like you’re attached with glue. Perfect example: you want to go everywhere with your partner and you want to know their itinerary like a PA and  you complain when he/she is out with friends and you call and they don’t pick up because they know first question will where are you? With whom?                               Try this it works every time as opposed to nagging… Hi just wanted to make sure you’re okay, have fun.

I’d much rather address the girls this business of making this post gender sensitive is giving me a headache. So men cheat yeah but following him around like a puppy will not stop yours from doing it. When a man decides  to cheat he will; there are business trips you cannot accompany  him on (Zain executive comes to mind) unless you quit your job (assuming you have one) and dedicate your life to following him, he has at-least 8 hours in the office where you’re not present, throw in a one hour-long lunch and a two-hour meeting outside the office whereby his phone has to be off and therein you have his passport to cheat.

So he takes you for a dinner hosted by his boss could you not fume whenever you see him talking to another woman it may be business and seeing how you quit your job to follow him around he’ll need to pay for those expensive trips to the salon and the clothes you Love to show off during your Chama meetings.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you and this has never rung as true as when it comes to a cheating spouse, going through his phone looking for a text or reading his Emails is not really a solution and you might just over-read into a message or an Email and end up making things worse than they should be.

I’m not saying don’t hang out with your man, if you never spend any quality time together then it means he’s having quality time with someone else all I’m trying to say is have your own life!





  1. Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!

  2. Nice, I agree u. woman should not represent mere a man’s shadow, otherwise she may become a Wooe -MAN

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