Lady in the streets….


Ever met a person who straight from the beginning makes you so happy that you could spend every waking, minute listening to them talk? Well I met such a person over the holidays and what I loved most about her was she had a story for me (we all know I Love a good story 🙂 ) so lets call this lady S.

So it was the 24th of December the year of our Lord 2010, S and A (first cousins BTW) were seated at home bored and plotless when A’s phone rang; it was a friend of his who had called to invite him to a house party that evening to usher in Christmas day, seeing how A was bored he did not have to be asked twice, he was given the address and told what time to arrive. S accompanied him as the other alternative was babysitting her house and clearly that was no way to spend a lovely night.

They got in and the party was in full swing and some people were already sloshed proper, A and S separated and soon each was on their side mingling and all thought of their respective cousins was lost.

A was having problems meeting a lady for the night but clearly S was not sharing in his fate, she was surrounded by eager and anxious gents and….  what appeared to be a misplaced lady.

S being the kind Christian girl she was decided to direct this girl to A who was slowly becoming frustrated, however, the lady who we shall call B stopped S in her tracks and told her that it was she (S) she had her mind on… S had heard of these things but they had never happened to her, when she finally picked her jaw off the ground, B explained that she was Bisexual (the name makes sense no?) and she was attracted to S. S thwarted any advances from B and quietly and patiently explained to B that she was straighter than a ruler and she was not in any way excited by tits. B took the news well and had one simple request to touch S’s boobs which she just could not get her mind off (really this stuff happens??)

When B noticed that S was adamant in her refusal, she decided to keep it in the family and went after A. Now at this point let me explain that B is not what you might expect, she was smartly dressed and very soft-spoken. If you met her and were told she did all these things you would very quickly tell the other person off and hug the poor girl in apology (she kind of reminds me of those innocent looking Catholic school girls who make up half the male fantasy).


Fantasy Girl





A finally relaxed and decided that B was the lucky lady of the night, their host told them of an impromptu trip he had planned to Nakuru and told them he would discuss the details with them the next day. People were slowly leaving the apartment and those who had come alone were lucky enough to leave a partner to be hangovered with in the morning. Being a good friend of A’s he offered them room for the night so they could avoid the long intoxicated journey home.

Now houses in Nairobi are not very big and a bachelor like their host could at most spring for a two bedroomed apartment at best, all bedrooms being occupied, he pulled two mattresses out of thin air and offered one to A and the other to S.

African culture did not allow A and S to sleep within close proximity of each other hence they arranged their mattresses such that there was a barrier between them that was the sofa (again I repeat) Nairobi houses are small. Later in the night S was woken by strange noises, now Nairobi is not known for its wildlife so the strange guttural animal noises were shocking to S as she thought A might be sick.

As the sleep cleared from her eyes S realized they were not really noises of pain but how do I put it…. moans of pleasure, let’s call them war cries. The war cries got louder and louder and with horror S realized it was A who was moaning and not B, she was a little proud and a little embarrassed that the opposite was not true. The moans and groans turned to whimpering and went on for an extended period of time and finally she heard them both collapse from exhaustion.

S was a disturbed girl and in the morning she was worried as to how she would look A in the eyes but clearly that would not be a problem as very early in the morning they took off for Nakuru.

That evening A explained what had happened and we could tell he was in awe of B apparently even after losing his virginity at 9 years old (yes people he lost it at nine!) he had never met a tigress who could do the things that B had done to him. The explanation was a bit graphic and on the off-chance that one day a future employer or an uncle or a pastor from my church googles my name and comes across my blog I want to save us both the awkward moment that comes from the mention of my blog.

And so Ladies and Gentlemen we come to learn that it indeed possible to be a lady in the street and a freak in the boudoir, therefore work on your game and even a seasoned veteran like A will be speaking of you with some awe in his voice and honestly speaking I think he is a little afraid of her.  17 days later and still no rematch when it does happen I’ll ensure S is in the room hence we can be furnished with all the details.




  1. This shit is off the hook…waaaaaaaaaat!! Love it love it love it 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it…. Its specially dedicated to you!

      • Awwwwww..i’m flattered!! Just talked to A btw…nigga says he’s having sm serious flashbacks. B sure worked on his ass..hehe

  2. A,B, C..i got lost there, but I know A did B, right? 😛
    Nice story (though you could have let us in on the, A-Action 😉

    • I suffer from bouts of writer’s block so we’ll make that a story for another say…. deal?

  3. Wow, the suspense. Also, give these damn people real names. Good one

    • Thanks…. Suspense is good to ensure you keep coming back.

  4. Damn!!!!!!!!

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