Mama is best!!

Joe broke up with his mother…. Yeah you read right; he’s breaking up with his mother. My friends are accustomed to my mumbling and wouldn’t find anything I say strange but this is not one of those instances. Let me start.

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl reciprocates and voila! Boy’s family is forgotten. A pretty stand up guy no longer cares for his family; his mum, dad, sisters and brothers all because he now has a girlfriend and she believes they should save for their future.

Advice for Joe and all the rest.. The Whore will go but mum sticks by you!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record; I have zero respect for whipped men I don’t care if she’s Tina Turner and she’ll walk all over you with her hoof like feet! Real men know just where to draw the line.

How does a man who was the backbone of his family after his poor parents educated him so he could be the light of their family forget all about them? Its easy…


A woman who Loves you will never ask you to choose between her and your family, they may not get along but it’s never either or. I know a girl whose mother in law hates her guts it’s not hearsay she’s 100% sure that woman hates her but she still stands her and meets her for family occasions and during holidays. She is not being stupid, far from it.

I’m not saying that there should be no boundaries; no one would like to feel like an intruder in their own homes but restricting your man’s siblings, cousins and relatives visiting once in a while is a bit extreme yet your relatives are free to come and go as they please.

Here are the rules for my relationship:

1. My family stays in my life. As you found us so shall we continue

2. you and your family continue as I found you.

The rest we negotiate along the way but asking me to be less close with my mother is not an option and neither is me demanding the same. You should count yourself lucky my mum does not believe in visiting her children and spending the night let alone a whole month.




  1. respect.

  2. that is just plain do u choose btwn smone who carried u for 9 months, nursed u, wiped shit of u to a person u just met?
    Wanja when u meet this Joe person, plz punch him on the nose!

  3. Kioko I would Love to slap Joe but he is way bigger than me, however, I could point you in the right direction….

    • plz do 🙂 . its just a big shame!

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