This is not one of my usual posts where I rant and rave about people’s relationships whilst making fun of them. Today I want to get serious for a minute. I would like to talk about this thing called karma; you know what goes around comes around.

Some people honestly believe they are above the laws that govern the universe. You cannot treat people like dirt and expect things to go on well with you, bitch  please! (pardon the Language)


I know somebody for whom the clearest indication things are not going well for her is when you find her reading her Bible in the morning; God is faithful and He is always willing to give people a second chance, things go well for her and the Bible is back into a corner gathering dust till she needs it next.

To the beginning; after being a secretary at a bakery for sometime, the lady in question was lucky enough to get a job as a mid-level executive in a private company. She then rose to a top-level position second in command to the C.E.O, she got a company car and a huge salary to boot.

The people in the company were excited because they believed that finally one of their own had taken a position of power and she would help end oppression and marginalization that was rampant in the company and she did; for the first few months.

Human beings have very short memories and soon this lady forgot she was one of the lowly minions who had been crying and moaning from the bottom, and began making the rules and policies that were making the same people she cried with cry only now it was she who was the cause.

The CEO of said company trusted her implicitly and any advice she gave he followed; he tried to offer his members of staff transport from town to their far off office in mlolongo and she who had been complaining with the rest about the distance was the first to put up opposition saying it was an unnecessary expense that the company did not require.

Another instance had her boss asking if raises were a good way to motivate employees and she suggested monthly company parties(what the fudge now this one just makes me mad!) Now in this company some people earned 10,000 shillings with children and rent to pay but that did not matter to her, breaking bread was a good way of bringing them together.


As if that were not enough, she started pushing for a young man who was housed by the company to be evicted saying he was taking advantage of the company and should get his own house as he was earning. Now this young man was the company’s caretaker and top among his duties was to ensure the compound was well taken care of as if that were not enough he earned 10 thao (do the math.. How does such a person survive?)

The employees of this company are now once again back on their knees praying for this woman to be shown the light and remember just where she came from.

Some of the employees in said company live in abject poverty, this lady who was put in a position of power to ensure that their wrongs were righted was now only interested in enriching herself.

I may not be the most Religious person but one thing I do know is when people pray God answers, you might think because its taking long it won’t happen but that’s just a chance you’re being given to reform. And when the Lord decides to avenge for these poor people… I would not like to be close by because it will not be pretty. I pray she advances further and further because the higher they are the harder they fall… 🙂




  1. yeah this is different from your usual. But yes Karma always gets them …may take a while but when it catches up it gets them real good!

    • Different is not always bad…. I know it will, I’m patiently waiting.

  2. You have 200 years of experience when it comes to life issues. Maybe this is what you were called to do. Again, Great article! Make it a habit.

    • Thanks mike, I find myself with lots of free time so I might just pursue it you never know. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

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