When enough is enough

A person who tries to get in the way of your relationship should be treated like an enemy, they should not be entertained.. Hell to the No! Women have a sixth sense and being women we can all tell when a woman is interested in our man, when you decide to kill the viper; do not kill it with kindness befriending the woman will not make her realize what a nice person you are and she let’s go of your man. NO NO.  You had better eliminate the threat before it becomes larger than life.


“Shetani akija sotee tuko tayari…. akija mbele yako kanyaga kanyaga kanyaga….” you get the point right? Granted at times it does not come with a warning label and you might never suspect that that woman could be your rival, after all look at her clothes, her hair, the way she looks right? Wrong! something I can never explain most men who cheat never cheat with a woman who is hotter than the legal/recognized partner (why that is I will never understand) so do not underestimate anyone, a friend once told me even God himself  hid pineapples so to get to the sweetness you have to go through the thorns!

How do you do it? Well make it known under no circumstances will you tolerate his entertaining whoever her name is… its me or her (if you don’t lose him after that….). you also have to really search within yourself as to what could be making your man cheat. I mean what led to the downfall it could be that the spark has died and it needs rekindling, relationships are hard work and there is no way you can sit on your ass and expect it will work all on its own.

If the he-goat really loves you then let him see just how life would be without you, he’s with you for a reason and maybe he needs to remember that reason. Talk with your man tell him your fears and what you think of his extra close friendship because at the end of it all let it never be said you didn’t speak your mind.

Finally  it maybe time to consider that the person you’re with is not Mr.Right and all you have to do is move on, nothing hurts more than realizing that something you spent so much time working on is just not it.   Cry, eat ice cream but bounce back some things are not meant to be so let the heifer keep him after all  you’re only going to get better.

Some things are worth holding onto some are not!




  1. I don’t normally comment but I gotta say thankyou for the post on this special one : D.

  2. this is amazing!!! thank you 🙂

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