So there I was in need of a salon and no time to go to my regular joint all the way in the CBD, so I gathered all my tools and dragged myself to the  local which I had never been to since moving to my neighborhood. I resisted the urge to carry my own dryer and combs seeing how I already had hair oil, shampoo, treatment and towel.

I soldiered on in the  dust and walked into the salon; I was genuinely surprised, the place was clean, had flowing water and it actually looked decent. I felt a little silly for worrying so much and so I settled down and  carefully explained what I needed done.

The lady who had the good fortune of being my hairdresser asked if I was from the area and somehow I said No before I could stop myself. I figured this would buy me some peace and quiet as she worked on me. Just as she started with the first shampoo…. a breathless lady walked in, she did not even take the time to sit before she broke out into a story all the while panting…

“It seems mama Mona caught her husband cheating with the house girl no less, now these ladies had no way of knowing that Mona’s family lived in the floor below mine and I was friends with them (friends in this case means we greeted each other at the parking or the stairs). Now Baba Mona looked like he had a good head on his shoulders and I could not understand how he would sleep with the house girl especially seeing as his wife was a house wife!! So I listened keenly as she described how the mother of the housegirl’s aunt who was cousins with the watchman (or something that ridiculous) had told her the story. To say that news travels fast would be an understatement in this case seeing how it was only 9Am and the lady already had the info.

After they finished laughing, the treatment was on and it was time for the steam, miss know it all had by this time taken a seat and was onto her next story for the day; The Rwandese guy who lives in Block 5 apparently has a new girlfriend and what’s more she is a former prostitute… I almost laughed out loud at that one. The lady added that his mum was so disappointed she was planning on coming to Kenya and having a word with her son before the fast women of Nairobi were his ruin…. It would seem the young man’s mum took the time to communicate her disappointment to this lady and even passed on her intentions all the way from Rwanda!

At this point I was put in the drier and there was really no way to hear what was being said but needless to say seeing everyone else laughing that hard was making me feel like a step child.

When I finally left the salon where I paid 70% less that what I would have paid I went home in much better spirits and surprise! I spied Baba Mona getting some lip action from his wife naughty boy that he was..

The local salon proved to be a very good source of entertainment on that bleak day and all things considered the next time am bored at home I will head directly to the salon and see what news on my neighbors I can pick up and it won’t even cos me an arm and a leg.



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