The language of love






Today while listening to another one of those lovely Ugandan songs which I Love soo much, I realized its possible to understand without necessarily understanding the words. I could feel the emotion dripping out of the song! you can tell its a love song just by the way the group croons.. no one can express hate so beautifully!

The song Nsuubiza by Toniks is a song am sure not very many people have heard, but when I first heard the song while collecting one of my bestest friends from a ditch in Kampala where she had fallen I fell in-love with the song. Let me state at this point that I think Baganda or whatever that language is.. is the language of Love, this is closely followed by Borana and this ranking is based on African languages.

As usual I digress, anyway I have continued to hold onto a strong Love for this song and the only words I understand are those they sing in English but nonetheless it is a beautiful song. The language of love is universal! Another song whose words still strike a chord in me and I still have no idea what it means would be Nakudata by Radio and weasel; like I constantly tell my friends I have no idea what the song says but am sure its beautiful.

The long winded introduction was boiling down to one point; love does not need a language to be expressed….. Ever seen two people from very different backgrounds without a single word to unite them fall inlove? Let me give a random example, my mum once told me a story of a guy who would deliver things from Nairobi to their town in Nyeri.. lets call this guy “Oti” short for Otieno, typically Luo this man could speak English with a British accent, swahili with a Coasterian accent and Luo with a… you get what I mean. On his many trips he spotted a young girl lets call her Wambui (my mum was a bit fuzzy with the names) Anyhew Oti spotted Wambui severally and one day as he drove his rusty old pick up from Nairobi to Nyeri he decided he would finally pluck up the courage and talk to the lovely lass…

He gets to the market and sure enough the shy maiden shows up and as she makes her purchases Oti approaches her… Being a man from the lakeside he tries to impress said nymphet with his mastering of the queen’s language but Wambui has no idea what he is saying.. He tries the Sultan’s language ( that would be Swahili) but still nothing! frustrated he realises lovely Wambui only speaks her mothertongue…

To cut a long story short Oti was finally able to break down the barriers after many months of sign language and mindless gesturing and a market that considered him an idiot but finally he got his girl!

So finally we arrive at the point! Love does not need a language to be expressed or to be shared!

The Language of Love is universal, you don’t have to tell someone you love them for them to know its true, its in the way you look at them, the things you do for them, how you don’t mind making yourself look silly so that you can see the smile on their face.

In this day where veryone is concerned with the words and not the actions or the meaning.. you have to show Love with your actions before you can vocalize the emotion. You’ve got to give a little Love to receive it.

“I Love you” being the most misused words in the English language today it would seem we now have to come up with a new way to show the height of all emotion without actually saying the cliche words so that when we finally drop the big “L” word there is no mistaking what we mean/feel.



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