Love is…..

So what happened to all the above? I recently eavesdropped on a conversation at the salon; a lady was telling how she hadn’t talked to her husband for two month; two months not talking to someone you’re supposed to spend forever with? She cited among her many grievances: She had started to feel like a slave because she was doing all the house chores and every time they had an argument she was the first to apologize even when she wasn’t on the wrong.

So first off let me say I cannot go a day let alone two months without talking to my ONO; granted sometimes we fight and we don’t feel like talking to each other but he would still call me and text me till I somehow come around and we end up talking and I do the same. Nobody can be happy everyday but you also cannot be angry for two months.

The giving of love does not include just the presents we give and material things; it involves giving ourselves and all we are. In a relationship more-so marriage every party has a role to play, I cannot go up fixing bulbs whilst he’s doing the dishes! We should never ever get tired of doing things for those we love and when we find ourselves getting there then we’re heading nowhere FAST!

My mum once told me that pride has no place in love; to always be the one who apologizes when there is an argument doesn’t mean that you’re a fool rather it means you’re the one willing to humble yourself and swallow your pride. The Bible says we should forgive each other 70*7 times so if you want to keep a scorecard go right ahead and see how easy it is. When you say you’re sorry it doesn’t mean you’re admitting you’re wrong but you could be sorry the whole misunderstanding started  in the first place. There is a difference between being a pushover and being humble.

Relationships are supposed to be fun, when you fall in love you do so both feet in there’s no 50/50. I seem to be on a roll bashing relationships and especially marriages but this would be because I’ve seen so many of my friends head down the aisle with stars in their eyes and a few months later I get a totally different story. Marriage is not about the wedding day it’s actually about all the days that come after. We so often miss out on true love because the one who is interested in us is not tall enough, dark/light enough, rich enough, handsome enough or is from the wrong community. We so often judge by looking at he surface whereas if we just looked underneath we would be shocked at what we found. True love is a possibility for each and every person.

Marriage is an everyday slumber party and it should be fun. you marry your best friend, a person you cannot live without so if you can stay for two months without talking to your spouse; you in big trouble. You cannot hurry love or go out looking for it. Let it find you and at its own time it does come.





















This post is dedicated to all my friends those in relationships and those yet to find love. May we find all the happiness Love can bring and may we meet the ONE and know him/her when we see them.


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