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As I slowly and painfully continue watching “The secret life of an American Teenager” it gets me thinking on my upbringing. For those who haven’t watched it the series is about a 15-year-old who discovers she is pregnant from her one and only sexual escapade and it wasn’t even that good. The acting in this series is really good. I mean this is not Kisulikisuli (yes I hate on local TV) when this girl tells her parents that she is pregnant you might just Google her to see if she really is a teen mother.

So I put myself in her shoes. Me telling J.J and Sophia that I am pregnant… Just the thought scares me. My daddy was a great man but he definitely was not the cuddly cuddly, we all mistakes, everything will be better kind. Hell no, you did something wrong, he gave you the silent treatment and my mother took to the belt. That woman could whip like she was on redbull.

I was whipped but if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. When I was 10 I called my sister a bitch she was 14 and being a big cry baby she told my mother and not only was I whipped I was told to stay out in the cold at 8pm for two hours and see how a dog lives. After the two hours were up I was allowed back into the house and asked if that is how my sister lives? I said no because trust me I could not imagine going back to that cold again. So I was sent to bed with a very stern warning and from there on I learned a very valuable lesson.. My sister is a crybaby and I shouldn’t call my sister or anyone a bitch in my mum’s presence.

Many African kids of my generation were whipped there was no grounding or taking away of privileges. But many people of my generation knew better than to interrupt when mum was speaking with grown ups people of my generation did not talk back to our parents or bang doors when our parents told us we had to stay in the house because it was a school night.

I thank God my mother did not spare the rod or I would be a totally different person. I was whipped and I will whipped, I know some people will tell me there are better ways to instill discipline but if it worked for me it will work for mine.

Looking back I know it was done with love so I hope my kids can one day sit down and realize the same.




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  1. This baby! I feel like reaching into your blog and snatching her away!

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