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Relationships and second thoughts do not belong in the same sentence. If you find yourself in a relationship where you are constantly looking back at what you left or what you could have; you are in biiig trouble. When you decide to be with someone you should concentrate on and give it a shot.

I once dated a jerk ass who had the audacity to tell me how many girls wished he’d ask them out but I was the lucky one he chose; needless to say he did not see date number 3 ( the stories I could tell) there are douchebags and then there are douchebags.

Soo many things will kill a relationship even before it is born and one of them is doubts,we are so often caught up in the past we fail to realize just what we have. Memories are deceptive and will only lead us into remembering the good things from previous situations somehow the bad gets all forgotten and we start looking at a previous situation through rose-colored glasses. you left for a reason and that reason still exists.


I do not believe in getting back together with exes primarily because I don’t believe in re-consuming regurgitated food ( I tried to make that thought as less disgusting as it really is) you break up with someone for a reason and that reason still exists months after you have been apart, truth is most of us are now fully formed meaning for us habit forming and the process of evolution are done. Some people still have major changes they’ll make but that’s like 5% tops


In a totally related side note: My friend is very busy lusting after the same girl for 5 years now and he swears that if he could get with her he’ll treat her like a queen. she is beautiful, smart, has a good job and she is honestly a good person meaning she has a good heart. I have been accused of  saying people have good hearts when they are not aesthetically appealing. But in this case the girl is beautiful and has a good heart. this girl has  a lonnng line of very bad relationships she never seems to get men who appreciate her for who she really is.

She is currently hooked to a cheating bastard who does not care that she could win various beauty pageants with no make up on and she takes care of him like he is man of the year. The men she’s been with pursue her promising how they would cross crocodile infested rivers to be with her and then when she gives in they forget all those promises. After their relationships are over they realize what they had and want her back. She’s a good student cos she has never looked back.

Meanwhile what is it about men that closes their eyes to what they have and they always think the grass is greener on the other side? (I honestly don’t know which side because Viv rocks)

In other very unrelated news… I did a google search for satan (don’t ask!!) and I came across a website for the “church of satan) like seriously he has a church now? I don’t know why people think God is such a big joke and that he’ll LOL at such things. I hope they like the smell of brimstone.

And if you send those funny chain letters that promise the world will come to an end if not forwarded; I hope you like the smell of brimstone as well because you’re headed where they (↑) are.


Treat your Girl like a princess.


I have mad excitozz because my girl Jaynne aka Mwais_Pride is coming home for a whole month.



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