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Sunny Monday and my friend has come to visit me for lunch at my office (in case you ever need to talk there’s a fabulous restaurant in my building built for just that) so she starts by telling me she attending over the weekend, the groom? Her ex! Without wanting to go into details of how she managed to snag an invite to the event I listened. I pride myself on being a good listener but the food was helping me keep quiet.

The long and short of it is this; Stacey had dated a certain young man for one year but she felt their relationship was not moving at least not in the right direction. So she said adios and moved on. One year later and she’s attending a wedding. What hurt the girl most is the groom had the audacity to tell her that if she stuck around she would have been the bride. This from a man who winced anytime she mentioned marriage?

A few things go through my mind: if that were the case why did he not fight and ask her to be patient. No girl wants to be like waitey Katey (Kate Middleton waited for 8 years; at least she snagged a prince) anyway was my friend rash in her decision? And my other question just how long should a couple be together before the girl starts seeing a hidden meaning to every dinner and every gift box starts to look like a ring box?

In my opinion after six months of dating it is safe for both the girl and the boy to start mentioning the future without anyone breaking out in hives or having a panic attack! After a year you should have discussed the future and any plans. Of course this period is proportional to age. Some people are in a hurry and telling them to wait a year is their idea of a bad joke. Anything less than one year to me is risky.

Basically my line of thought is this; each other enough time to get tired of playing games and reveal the real “you” except some people e.g Zack can be real good at pretending; dude waited 7 years to unleash the real him. Anyway what I mean basically is get to know each other real well before even thinking about that diamond (ruby in my case)

Relationships don’t come with a manual we all create our own for our situation. Love is good enjoy it!


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