Break ups can be a bitch and they lead to some pretty messed up rush decisions and top on that list has got to be Mr.Fix it or Mr. right now. This is the jack ass you date when your heart is in pieces. you need your ex to believe you still got it and that your life has moved on. so you hook up with the first person who asks for your number.

Some people have actually lucked out on rebounds but don’t believe Mills and Boon it doesn’t happen often. As I type this am listening to “how could an angel break my heart” by Toni Braxton and Kenny G and it gets me thinking after the initial shock of the break up is over and we find our ground it’s always advisable to wait; give yourself time to heal before springing like Bambi in summer into another relationship.

A rebound in my opinion is just someone after bedminton striking while the iron is hot and the girl is vulnerable, and  just when she starts to heal and believe again he breaks her heart and takes her back to square one. If unwatched the rebounds become a vicious cycle one finds very hard to break. I know women also use men as rebounds but hey am a woman hence we do no wrong in my view.

What I find funny is that we mourn those we lost and maybe they weren’t very nice to begin with. The heart wants what it wants and as bad as rebound relationships are sometimes they serve as really effective therapy because at the end having someone there prevents you from picking the phone and calling your ex or from agreeing to meet him for drinks which will end with tangled sheets, walk of shame and even more shattered dreams.

Ice cream,  chocolate, crying, movies and girlfriends are the best therapy for break ups because I will say it now as I have time and time again! Women are not capable of having sex without involving emotions. So think twice before you get into that rebound mess!



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  1. ”Women are not capable of having sex without involving emotions”. I tend to disagree. Some women are perfectly capable of dissociating the two. They however, make a small percentage of the species.

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