A discovery I made very late in life is that Nairobi men, no make that all me do not care about our relationship  statuses as much as we’d like them to when they first approach us. And by “Our am talking about ladies”.  So what this boils down to is that the next time someone you have zero interest in approaches you telling him “I have a boyfriend” does not work on the topic of things that don’t work telling him you’re a lesbian does not work either it just serves to make him more curious and before you know it you have a bugaboo on your hands.


Here’s what works: when a gentleman approaches you a simple no will suffice please note I said GENTLEMAN. Gentlemen tend to take the word No very well and he might even shock you by remaining your friend.


However, when an ordinary man approaches you and this is the breed that believes in this day and age women still like to play hard to get. Now when this breed approaches you the most effective method is to say “hell to the no” and add a goddammit for good measure. Side bar time: I am really trying to tone it down with the goddammits and currently have been able to tie myself to four a day with the first one being said in the morning when I wake up. Every morning without fail my alarm goes off and I hit snooze and it rings an hour later (how does it do that?) goddammit. The other three are spread out during the day and depending on how stressful it is can be uttered in one sitting.


Anyhew you could always give him your number if he persists and after he has flashed to make sure it is your real number; add him to your reject list , speaking of which my reject list is almost of hippies who cannot take a hint hence for Christmas I want a phone whose reject list has a higher capacity.




P.S. I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I once almost gave up on the whole blogging bit but a friend @Buggz79 told me to check my stats and lo and behold people actually read this! So may you get all you wish for this season and thanks for giving me a place to express my two cents worth of opinions! XOXO


And now my gifts:

For the girls      





  2. It baffles me that in this time and age, we are still getting headache on what to do with the unwanted “chaff” yet, by my own standards, ignoring a person hurts more than anything. I apply this modus operandi to get what I want – kicking the hurting part most.

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