Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I read in my E-marketing book that a blog is a journal of sorts and hence I realize I may have been using you wrongly. I made a resolution  sometime back to never make a New year’s resolution because honestly I never stuck to them, however, this is the one resolution I have ever been able to stick to. I wonder why?

However, this year I broke that promise and made a resolution. I promised myself one thing; that this and all other years to come  I will love myself more. This might strange but here’s my take: We give so much of ourselves to others and sometimes they don’t even notice it. We bend over backwards to make other people happy at our own expense and not even a thank you.

To love myself is the greatest gift I can give myself and so dear self I award to you Love. I will not cry for anyone anymore, yeah am past that! I have to admit to myself that am growing older and remember that life goes on no matter what happens or who hurts me.

In a nutshell this is my year. To grow and to thrive. I will love myself and spoil myself and do what is just right for me. And if you see me forgetting to do this please remind me.

yours with love,







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