Dear Diary,

Growing up has not been easy I must admit; I remember as a child when mum would send the housegirl to wake us up for school, and I’d think lucky mum she gets to stay in bed while we wake up early and she gets to work which is soo much fun. Little did I know that a day and a time would come when I would want to go back to school.

Now that I look back at it, school will always remain the best time of our lives, all we had to do was study and even that does not sound soo bad compared with what we have to go through now. Top off my mind the number one thing I miss about school would be pocket-money. I remember every beginning of the term as I was being dropped off my dad would pull me aside and tell me

“your mum couldn’t have possibly bought everything you need so here’s some money to take care of the rest”

I would then heave my very heavy paper bag full of goodies and nice things and go into the school cursing every step because to my young mind it felt like prison. The teachers were the prison wardens who were employed to make our lives miserable. Let it be noted though that as much as I miss school I do believe that some our teachers genuinely had something shoved up their a** (pardon my French) and I would go back now as an adult just to bitch slap a few.

So I’ve been thing since growing is not optional atleast not in my case; I have a few things I would like to do before I turn 30 I realise it’s not that far away so time is of the essence and I must get started:

Most importantly I need to stop sending out those CVs and star receiving CVs; I know that each of us has a dream of being a business owner and for me it’s not any different. It is with this in mind that I promised myself to not post out anymore CVs even after handing in my notice. I cannot keep playing solitaire thinking am punishing my boss for mistakes he is making with HIS own company.

Next in line I need some discipline! What you talking about Wanja well  without discipline really how am I going to get anything done? I need to learn how to make a budget and stick to it, I need to chop off the finger that keeps hitting snooze on my alarm clock and I also need to realise that I will be a lot more tired in the future and that will not be a reason for me to put my legs up on the couch and relax.

I also need to realise that my mother and I are different people and much as I don’t agree with the things she does that doesn’t necessarily make her wrong. My friend Kui will know exactly what I mean by this and maybe with this in mind my house could once again become a peaceful area instead of looking like Vietnam and always having to tread carefully to avoid stepping on a grenade.

And now the fun stuff: I have postponed a photo shoot for the last one and a half years all because I was too busy but now I think am ready to do it so Anthony or Edwin should get ready for me. I believe it would also serve in my favour to remember the photographer’s name.

When I was in campus my best friend Mercy Mukami and I decided that we wanted to be on billboards and I think I still want to come true. I could be one of those yummy mummy’s telling people how Dettol keeps my family safe and all. This dream will be pursued.

Growing up is not fun but it doesn’t have to be painful and as much as am planning to do serious stuff am also planning on finally having some fun something which I’ve been too busy to do since I first got employed way back in 2007.

Life is a journey more so one of self discovery. I want when am 70 and sitting with my grandkids to know exactly who I am.



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  1. Awesome piece…:) Given me syke and energy to roar and go.

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