Nag: to annoy by persistent fault-finding, complaints, or demands. Women have  been accused of being nags but I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s a genuine complaint or whether they just have to keep reminding the people in their lives constantly of something that means something to them.

I say this because today as I reach my tether’s end on very many issues I feel like I may be accused of being a nag in the past yet its something I constantly say and nobody pays attention to me.

It’s very frustrating to keep saying the same thing; don’t leave your shoes, return things where you found them, buy things on time, do this do that. sadly this role is more often than not left to women to play hence we get the title of nags.

I too get tired of always saying the same thing, pointing out the obvious and always sounding like a broken record. But if everybody else doesn’t care why should I.  I hereby hand in my resignation. I no longer care and I will not be labelled a nag. I am too cool and easy-going for that.




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  1. Resignation accepted 🙂

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