Slug is a common name that is normally applied to any gastropod mollusc that lacks a shell, has a very reduced shell, or has a small internal shell.

IMO slugs = disgusting! Am sure you’re wondering just why I would choose to do a post on slugs of all things! Well it’s because am sick and tired of the goddamn things and am yet to understand why they were created.

I have never questioned God and I’m not about to start today but I need to see the reason for their creation otherwise I will continue to see them as the devil’s only way to make me go eek! and call for help.

The other day I wake up and there’s one just staring at me from my bedroom wall and I kid you not all the doors and windows were locked so the main question is how did the bugger gain entry.

I do not trust creatures that can walk on razor blades and not get cut. The only time am happy to see them is in the morning when they’ve been crushed by early morning motorists who unknowingly are doing the world a favor. I see a dead slug I go “the city is not a place for your kind” it’s also not a place for sheep but he still doesn’t understand.

This post has done nothing to reduce my fear of slugs but maybe now ONO will come faster when I see one in the bathroom and scream; and maybe just maybe God will accept my hundreds of prayer requests to make them extinct. Trust me slugs will take over the world not cockroaches slugs. BEWARE!


At this point I usually at this point insert a cute or funny pic but I can’t think of anything cute or funny at the moment 😦


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  1. hahaha! i was hoping frogs would get extinct before slugs..

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