At the height of the post election violence in 2007, I remember one day as the news ran seeing an image of two Mps from the communities at the heart of the violence seated in parliament, laughing having a cup of tea oblivious to the havoc and mayhem going on around them.

So this is my two cents on Peace in My Kenya; yes I said My Kenya because the next time people burn, plunder and just act foolish it is My Kenya that is getting destroyed. There is a reason I decided to wage a one woman war on Kenyan politicians and its because once again the wheels are in motion and tribal politics have kicked off.

A friend recently posted on his facebook “ we cannot have another Kikuyu president” he went ahead to put a disclaimer that he was not being tribalistic but I would like to point out to him that this my friend is the definition of tribalism.

I am just about tired of people treating me differently because of the color of my skin or where am from. Under this skin our hearts beat the same. I do not want a job because I understand a certain language, I do not want to be served differently because of where I am from. Where I am from does nor does it define who I am.

Just when will it sink into Kenyans that we are 42 communities who make up Kenya and each one contributes something special to the development of our country? Outside our borders no one cares whether you’re Luhya, Kisii, Borana or Maasai all they see is a Kenyan and it’s about time we imported this attitude along with all those Chinese products.

We like to blame politicians for all that is wrong with this country but just when does the blame fall at our doors? We vote this people in sometimes blindly. I have listened in silent horror as people told tales of how they voted. Having lived in an area that was occupied by one community and I was appaled when after the last general elections people didn’t even know what the name of their MP was. This was because when they got that ballot paper all they saw was the party and not the individual.

It will take so much to change how Kenyans do the things they do but if you and I took a conscious decision to make a positive change that’s two people more than yesterday.

I’m going to sing a song that’s been sung  and preach a sermon that;s been preached before but maybe if a few more people lend their voices to the choir we might just get through and witness a revolution.  Kenyans need to unite and fight for the kind of leadership we not only deserve but that we are capable of getting.


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